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Dive Trips - Diving the Walls of Layang Layang

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Diving the Walls of Layang Layang
09.04.2013 - 15.04.2013
Meaning kite, is fast becoming one of Malaysia's premier dive destinations. This oceanic atoll is situated in the South China Sea about 300km north-west of Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah. The little land mass supports a Malaysian Naval base and a nesting colony for several sea-faring migratory birds. The reef topography is essentially made up of a rich growth of hard corals; some so shallow that they break the sea surface during low tides, but most begin at depths of about 5m right down to the ocean floor. Some of the marine animals observed around the dive sites include black-tip sharks, hammerheads, jacks barracudas, bump-head parrotfish, lionfish, moray eels, turtles, nudibranches, gobies and the ghost pipe fish.

You can dive Layang Layang from March to August, with March and May being the best time for seeing schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks performing mating rituals.

A short flight off the north of Borneo lays Layang Layang a tiny gem of a resort island surrounded by clear water, pristine reefs and some of the most heart-stopping diving opportunities around. The fact that the coral atoll is situated by deep waters gives rise to some outstanding wall diving and encounters with pelagic species such as Hammerhead Sharks, which gather here to perform their mating rituals. Diving in Layang Layang is challenging and varied - visitors often enthuse about both the above-water and underwater beauty of the area.

Layang Layang's pristine reefs, which drop down as sheer walls into the abyss, are covered with splendid examples of healthy hard corals with stag horn, tables and acropora being the most numerous. The reefs are home to a great variety of sea life where turtles, triggerfish, manta rays and more are quite common, but overshadowed by the mighty presence of the scalloped hammerhead sharks. You may also encounter a whale shark or two.

Located in waters 2,000 metres deep, Layang Layang is an atoll of 13 linked coral reefs. Situated about 300 km off the Borneo coast, Layang Layang is surrounded by waters teeming with a rich biodiversity of marine life and some of the most heart-stopping diving opportunities around. Although concentrating on only one feature does not do justice to Layang Layang's varied reefs, the draw card for divers from all over the world is the chance to see vast schools of hammerheads cruising ar The extraordinary coral gardens of these virgin atoll reefs surrounding Layang Layang Island, have never been fished or experienced any kind of man-made pollution. They are undoubtedly the healthiest reefs in Malaysia and rank as high as any for fish species and coral diversity too.

The visibility in these waters often exceeds 40 metres. In fact, the extraordinary visibility and exciting variety of marine life can sometimes be misleading and dangerous to divers - watch your diving depth and no-decompression times, you could well be deeper than you think!