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Komodo - Sailing the Gaia Love

Komodo National Park boast countless deserted beaches, hiking trails, great wildlife, lagoons and home to a large species of lizard world known as the Komodo dragons. This region features an extremely rich biodiversity born of a land of contrasts: from warm waters and tropical species, to cooler currents with temperate ocean life.


Indonesia in our dive travel experience one of the best and most diverse countries for diving in the world. The Komodo National park is definitely top on the list here in this underwater paradise. The marine diversity is just unreal – countless reef fish plenty of pelagic in fabulous waters with pristine coral reefs.

The Highlight for most is the massive manta rays underwater and the Komodo Dragons walking on Komodo and Rinca islands. Komodo though is known for its big stuff action packed diving but do not underestimate the macro life in the park… Keep a look out for the blue ringed octopus seahorse and crocodile fish and more.

Diving here on a live-aboard is the best way to experience the amazing biodiversity of these potent waters.


USD 4480 Upper deck cabin
USD 4160 Lower deck cabin


Aug 11, 2020 to Aug 19, 2020

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