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Dt. 06-04-2018


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Learning to scuba dive with Orca Dive Club has been a singularly superb and very comfortable experience. Every detail is looked after in immaculate detail - from safety, technique and equipment, and best of all to ensure everybody has a great time. more...

Parul Merchant
My diving life got beautifully transformed after the setting up of Orca Dive Club by my good friend Anees.


DD Solo checks random locations and dive operators and thunders off solo (Red Sea, Manado Indonesia, Tahiti, Gulf Of more...

Dinesh Dayal
Experience Orca Dive Club:

If you love the water there is no better transition than the pool to the ocean! Orca Dive Club is an organization which is true to its beliefs in training and teaching Scuba diving to everyone who wants to learn this more...

Aniruddh Kasliwal