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Dive Trips - Dive Trip to Narcondam Island

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Dive Trip to Narcondam Island
29.01.2014 - 03.02.2014
"A wonderous realm of stunning marine life and coral reefs" - Jacque Cousteau

A volcano but with no eruptions for thousands of years, Narcondam Island, was put on the diving map by diving pioneer Jacque Cousteau who was the first to dive in these waters. Narcondam Island is one of the most Coveted dive destination in the world, very few have explored the Narcondam, one of them being ORCA DIVE CLUB.

The view of Narcondam as you approach is unforgettable as the island's conical peak rises in stark contrast to the open sea surrounding it. Narcondam's steep slopes covered in dense forest home to a healthy wildlife population, including endemic species like the Narcondam Hornbill and the Andaman Horseshoe Bat.